Escentric Molecules The Beautiful Mind vol. 1 Eau de Toilette Escentric Molecules 100 ml

Escentric Molecules The Beautiful Mind vol. 1

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"Intelligence & Fantasy is soft and ultra-feminine, with a crystal-clear freshness and transparency". Perfumer, Geza Schoen.

Intelligence & Fantasy opens with luminous top notes of bergamot, magnolia bud and hedione, accented with fresh-spicy pink pepper. The heart is exotic tiare, a gardenia native to Tahiti, rarely used in perfumery due to its prohibitive cost. The drydown is soft, cocooning and sensual with cashmeran, sandalwood, cedar and light musks

The Beautiful Mind Series is created by perfumer, Geza Schoen of Escentric Molecules. Frustrated by the glut of mindless celebrity scents out there, he decided to strike out in a different direction, and launch a series of fragrances co-created with women of intelligence and creativity.

The packaging for Intelligence & Fantasy is a visual representation of memories being activated in the brain. The play of colour adds the element of fantasy that is essential for creative thought.

Christiane Stenger is Germany’s most famous memory athlete. She won the Junior World Memory Championships four times, and was the youngest ever World Memory Grandmaster at the age of just eleven. (To win the title of Memory Grandmaster in 2018 you would have to memorize the sequence of 11 decks of cards (572 cards) in 1 hour, 1040 decimal digits in 1 hour, and a single deck of cards in 90 seconds.)

'What I loved about working with Geza on my fragrance was discovering how scent triggers emotive memories. It’s as if that’s what fragrance really is – bottled memories' - Christiane Stenger