Livid Connely Shirt - Gunmetal Moleskin Shirt Livid

Livid Connely Shirt - Gunmetal Moleskin

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Made in a beautiful and super soft moleskin cloth woven by the legendary British cloth maker, Brisbane Moss. Moleskin originated back in medieval Europe where the fabric first was made to be used by farmers who needed clothing that was comfortable, warm, durable and wind resistant. In the nineteenth century, moleskin was used by French steel workers wearing moleskin pants and aprons to protect themselves from molten metals, and in more recent days moleskin has been used for uniforms for the West German Army.

To say the least, moleskin is a hardwearing fabric.

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Colour: Gunmetal
  • Made in: Portugal
  • Care: Machine wash 30