Gramicci Light Nylon Pants - Black Pants Gramicci

Gramicci Light Nylon Pants - Black

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Gramicci's Light Nylon Gramicci Pants are an innovative line of outdoor pants that rock climbers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. The urban outdoor lifestyle of these pants have a natural appearance and a soft cotton-like feeling with exceptional durability.

The Light Nylon material provides extra room around the hips and has a gently tapered silhouette towards the hem. With the combination of meshed inner material and the lack of a front opening, the drawstring hems form a unique arrangement for a variety of active lifestyles or simply for lounging comfortably.

Gramicci has pioneered innovation in the outdoor industry for more than 30 years and, even if you haven't heard of them until now, your existing outdoor wear has probably been influenced by their designs. They continue to create original combinations of fabric weights, weaves & colour.

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