Special Lemon Khadi Weave Shirt

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Shirt in Khadi fabric hand-spun and hand-woven in India, designed in Oslo by Special Lemon. Khadi is the term for a movement of spinning and weaving works started by Mahatma Gandhi as part of the Indians' liberation process from the British; India could now make their own clothes rather than exporting the cotton to England just to buy back the subsequent clothing at an inflated price. The factories are owned by the state ensuring workers' rights are controlled and maintained. 

Khadi fabric is soft, durable cotton with a visible weave. As it's a hand-spun fabric with minimal intervention there are irregularities in the fabric making each piece unique. 

Relaxed-fit full-sleeve shirt.

August is 189cm tall and wearing a size L.

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Colour: White
  • Made in: India
  • Care: Machine wash