Depot No. 102 Anti-Dandruff & Sebum Control Shampoo Hair Depot

Depot No. 102 Anti-Dandruff & Sebum Control Shampoo

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Effective anti-dandruff shampoo from Depot - The Male Tools & Co. It fights dandruff formation and reduces excess oil restoring the balance of scalp and hair. Formulated with delicate surfactants & without SLES. 

  • Botanical Complex: blend of 10 plant extracts with multiple beneficial effects on skin and hair
  • Silicate of magnesium and aluminium: absorbing the sebum
  • Zinc pyrithione: anti-microbial, anti-dandruff and sebum-normalizing
  • Allantoin: soothing, protective and skin conditioning
  • Rosemary essential oil: perfuming, skin conditioning
  • Sage essential oil: antioxidant, protective and perfuming
  • Eucalyptus: toning, refreshing and perfuming
  • Menthol: refreshing, soothing and perfuming
  • Size: 250 ml
  • Hair type: Dry, flaky, itchy scalp / oily hair
  • Fragrance: Rosemary, sage & eucalyptus
  • Made in: Italy