Cookie Policy

A "cookie" is a little text file that your computer, phone or tablet saves locally whenever you visit a web page. Almost all web pages use cookies in some shape or form to keep you logged in, retain your shopping basket, gather statistics and generally help you navigate the site.

By using you accept our use of cookies. If you would rather not have any cookies stored on your computer you can block them by changing the settings in your web browser. NOTE: Our webshop, like most web pages, will not work as intended without cookies enabled.

The Norwegian Act No. 83 of July 4, 2003, on Electronic Communications requires that informs every visitor about our cookie policy. The so-called Cookie Paragraph states: 

§ 2-7b Use of Tracking Cookies

The storage of information in any user's communication equipment, or processing this information, without informing the user what information is being processed, the purpose of this processing, the identity of the processors and the consent of the user, is prohibited. This excludes technical storage or access to information

  • solely for the purpose of enabling communication in an electronic communication network
  • which is necessary to provide a public utility at the express request of the user

Deleting cookies that you have previously accepted is relatively straight-forward. On most web browsers for desktops you can press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL to jump straight to the right menu.

Overview of the cookies we use

Local tracking cookies:
These are cookies that enable our page to remember the preferences you select and to keep you logged in as you navigate the page. This information is not stored by us and most of them are automatically deleted once you close your browser. A few are, however, permanent until manually deleted.

Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is a data analysis service provided by Google. It collects information on which pages you visit on our site, your total number of visits and which links you follow into our site. This traffic data is processed by Google and is used to generate visitor statistics and reports which help us see how our customers use our site.

Our search engine is powered by Google, which employs it's own set of cookies. These cookies track which search terms people use and the number of clicks on each search result. Google uses this info to optimize the search engine. The information can also be used to reach you on other web pages with our advertisements through Google Doubleclick.

In order to show you our video guides we have to embed tracking cookies from Youtube.

Cookies from Facebook are only used if have already visited Facebook, follow a link from Facebook or use a Facebook functionality in relation to our site. These cookies are used by Facebook functionalities such as a "like"-button, comment section and Facebook login. This information can be used to reach you on Facebook with advertisement from us.  

This is a service we use to analyze the visits to our site, such as how many press each button and what pages users browse. The purpose is to make our site more user-friendly.

This cookie is required for our chat window to work.

Retargeting cookies:
Some of our marketeers can use third-party cookies for retargeting. We use the Google Analytics Advertising function Remarketing. You can change your ad settings here: (desktop) and here: (phone).