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Bon Parfumeur Cologne 004

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004 opens with a lively note of Gin brought by Juniper Bay. You probably know this cold green and zesty spice. In this Cologne, it provides a burst of modernity and offers a real boost. To accompany it, Karine, the perfumer, has chosen to sublimate it with a real citrus cocktail. Italian lemon, Bergamot and Mandarin form a trio that illuminates the composition with vitality.

A transition to warmer tones is felt. The Nutmeg comes to stir the heart notes. The background intensifies and Indonesian Patchouli takes its place. It warms up this frozen and sparkling cocktail with its smoky woody notes that are both earthy and mossy. Finally, Tobacco, Tonka Bean and White Musks bring a touch of sweetness to our Cologne that will excite the hidden mixologist in you.

What is a Gin note?

Gin is a spirit drink obtained by flavouring ethyl alcohol with juniper berries. It is the only spice from conifers. The very aromatic fruits contain an essential oil whose fragrance and taste bring together woody, fresh, resinous and floral notes. The result is a full-bodied, soft and slightly sweet fragrance with a touch of peppery spiciness. Gin is the base of many cocktails. Here, Karine used an overdose of juniper berries to give this citrus fruit cocktail this Gin side.

What is cold expression?

Cold expression, or cold pressing, is a process reserved for fruits and more particularly citrus fruits. Indeed, the essential oils of these plants are contained in small glands located at the level of their bark. It is the simplest process and the only one that does not alter the product obtained, for this reason it is called "essence" and not essential oil (for example: essence of lemon, orange, citron, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit ...). The cold expression is a technique that was born in Sicily. After all, what could be more logical if we consider that this is one of the main producers of citrus fruits? In the past, expression was done manually using a process known as "sponge expression". Nowadays, expression is done with the help of machines that exert an abrasive action on the peel, lacerating the outer surface of the fruit to release the essence.

What is patchouli?

Patchouli is a tropical plant cultivated in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. The plant has long stems that can reach a height of one meter. However do not look for any smell because it is the drying and then the treatment of its leaves that will create the fabulous fragrance of patchouli. After distillation, the essence of patchouli obtained will release the earthy, moist, airy, powerful and vibrant scent that makes its charm. Patchouli is used as a raw material in perfumery for its incredible virtues of stability and binder.


Floral energy
Oriental spices
Tonic cocktail

  • Top notes: Italian lemon, bergamot, mandarin
  • Middle notes: Juniper berries, ginger, nutmeg
  • Base notes: Tobacco, tonka beans, indonesian patchouli, white musks
  • Size: 30 ml
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Developed by: Karine Dubreuil