Backyard sale this weekend

This weekend we're holding our annual backyard sale with our neighbours Ensemble! On Saturday & Sunday, from 12-16, come down to Nordre gate 13 where we'll have previous season items for sale - everything will have at least 70% off its original price, and many pieces will have even bigger discounts. We have sneakers from Veja, shorts from Libertine-Libertine, shirts from Schnayderman's, backpacks from Eastpak and tonnes more. 

  • Tees from 99,-
  • Sweaters from 299,-
  • Sneakers from 299,-
  • Shirts from 299,-
  • Backpacks from 299,-
  • Jackets from 299,-

We also have a number for seats & other bike accessories left from Brooks England since we closed our bike workshop last year. All seats 299,- and accessories from 99,-. 

Check out the Facebook event for more information, and keep an eye on our instagram stories for sneak peaks of the pieces we're bringing up from the basement!