Collection: A.P.C. x JW Anderson

JW Anderson and A.P.C. unite in a creative fusion that draws inspiration from Joseph Beuys's iconic 1974 performance, "I Like America and America Likes Me," and his captivating transatlantic journey. Beuys's journey from Dusseldorf to New York, wrapped in a felt blanket, enclosed in an ambulance, and three days spent with a coyote at the René Block Gallery, sets the stage for this collection. The pieces artfully weave Beuys's experiences into the fabric of these designs, with graphic references such as the ambulance and the iconic gallery address (409 West Broadway) boldly adorning T-shirts and seamlessly integrated into various pieces.

The collection, a manifestation of Jonathan Anderson's ideal wardrobe, transcends the confines of gender. It revolves around two distinctive silhouettes: the first, a tailored homage to the rocker spirit, boasting black denim, a biker jacket, and hand-painted cotton knit. The second silhouette radiates a laid-back, hippie vibe, offering relaxed shapes, multi colors and distressed denim.