AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

AMI epitomizes Parisian nonchalance and cool. High-end European brands can sometimes feel a bit exclusive, but AMI is friendly and open to all. Nowhere is this more evident than in the collection AMI de Coeur, which literary translates to "Friend of the Heart" - your best friend, the one you can count on to get you home when you don't know where or who you are. The embroidered Ami de Coeur emblem is the monogram Mattiussi uses to sign letters to friends.

The AMI cut is "fine casual" - the materials are top-shelf, like what you expect to see on formalwear, but the fit is a bit looser and less businesslike. Most garments are true-to-size and the shirts are not radically fitted. The shoulders and cuffs are quite narrow, so if you like Libertine-Libertine's generous oversizing but find these areas too baggy, this is the brand for you.